Future Factory Solutions

We help businesses to build future factories with our advance future factory solutions where technology gets integrated with the help of robotic systems, artificial intelligence, advanced tech devices & IoT innovations in the entire production workflow. We offer end-to-end solutions in smart manufacturing and automation systems.
We combine extensive knowledge to support our customers with a unique one-stop portfolio ranging from design thinking training, mentoring and coaching to supply of production machines. This combined with our extensive industry and application know-how, we can help you envision integration of Industry 4.0 very early into your production ideation adding value at every step. This system is versatile enough to respond to dynamic shifts in demand, customer preferences and competitive scenarios without disrupting the entire production workflow.

Based on our experience in pilot projects at our own plants, our engineers use this experience to offer next Generation Automation and Manufacturing Solutions.  

Our Services include: 

  • Design Thinking
  • Product concept and Engineering Design
  • Lean Method training and projects Industrialisation with intelligent jig, fixture and machines with Industry 4.0 & AI