BEAS Technology GmbH

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 and the growing popularity of smart manufacturing, the Best Group from India in joint venture with BEAS GmbH from Germany launched comprehensive 360-degree solution providing platform to adress the needs of the future factories

What we do?  

We combine extensive knowledge to support our customers with a unique one-stop portfolio ranging from design thinking training, mentoring and coaching to supply of production machines. This combined with our extensive industry and application know-how, we can help you envision the integration of Industry 4.0 very early into your production ideation adding value at every step. 

Based on our experience in pilot projects at our own plants, our engineers use this experience to offer next Generation Automation and Manufacturing Solutions. 


Our Services:

  • Design Thinking
  • Product concept and Engineering Design
  • Advance Factory Plan
  • Lean Industrialisation
  • Machine and Process Design
  • Machine Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 & AI


Key Factors/Features We Offer: 

  • Modular Production Workflow: End-to-end production workflow designed in advance through the integration of robotic systems, AI, advanced tech devices & IOT innovations. 
  • Hurdle-Free Production: Incorporated Sensors and Actuators to analyze and monitor in real time and intervene in case of errors or potential failures in the production flow. 
  • Real-Time Machine Monitoring: Real-time monitoring for production efficiency, yield rate, quality and achievement rate of the production line. 
  • Predictive Maintenance: Using inbuilt sensors to determine when equipment needs to be serviced in real time to prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce machine downtime. 
  • Adding Value & Speed: Highly Autonomous Solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Robotics and Sensor Technology to speed up the production process to a new level.


These key factors increase quality and maximize output, whilst reducing costs right down the production line, making manufacturing processes faster and more accurate!